Red and Black: Changing Day By Day

Welcome back to Milan! We’ve gotten off to a great start in our first season in Italy, and somehow, so far we’re unbeaten and potentially in a title fight.

Today, we’ll get through the middle four months of the season, including a quick look at finances, their effect on our January transfer window and some brief (as usual) tactics talk. I’ll also highlight the player who occupies one of my favourite squad roles…

But the main focus of today’s quick post is rolling through a decent portion of this season, as I’ve played through fast and don’t want to leave the blog miles behind!

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Red and Black: A World About to Dawn

Welcome to Milan! After a state of play post last time out, today’s post will largely be about the pre-season changes I’ve made, although I will sneak in a bit of football towards the end, as our Serie A and Europa League campaigns in 2024/25 get underway.

A quick thank you to FM Grasshopper and FM Samo for their help with suggestions over on FM Slack for ideas on naming the series, and congratulations to Samo, as “Red and Black” was his idea.

I’ve decided against doing a summing up post on my time in Frankfurt, but if anybody wants a stat or two, hit me up on Twitter (@fromelevenone) or my Slack channel (#from_eleven_one) and I’ll sort you out. Not you though Dan.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the season ahead, I’ll share some of my thoughts on the squad, including a rundown of our first foray into the transfer market. I’ll touch on tactics and outline a few aims for the season ahead. But first, a little bit on changing clubs…

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Red and Black: The Time is Near

Yes, I’ve found a new job. I’ve moved to Italy to become the new manager of AC Milan!

I was after a rebuilding job at a big club, preferably outside of Germany and England, and Milan fit the bill fairly well.

I did hamstring myself a little bit, wanting to move in the summer and not resign from Frankfurt. I like the option of taking my loyal staff with me! As a result, there weren’t all that many jobs available (until after I moved #managerialmerrygoround).

Today is a bit of a bonus post, so will be a quick(ish) look at how Milan have done so far, and more importantly, how things look there here now…

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Eintracht Frankfurt: Season Six, Part Two

Welcome back to Eintracht Frankfurt! After another very promising start to a season, we look set to compete across the board. We’re on another fine unbeaten run, but once again face Bayern away in January…

The big questions are; Can we avoid and/or beat Liverpool? And can we finally win The Champions League?

But first, let’s have a little bit of transfer window action…

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Eintracht Frankfurt: Season Six, Part One

Welcome back to Frankfurt! Season 6 is upon us, and this time there will be some tweaks to our approach in order to hopefully boost our chances in Europe.

It’s a bit of a slimmed down post this week. We’ll hit up the summer transfer news, of which there’s a bit more than usual, and then tuck into the first half of the season.

There’ll be just a dash of tactics talk and I’ll throw in some plans for a couple of our youth prospects when appropriate too, just as a reminder to you that I haven’t forgotten pesky aim number 4. But first, let’s splash a little cash…

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Eintracht Frankfurt: Season Five, Part Two

Welcome back to Frankfurt! After a truncated first half of the season due to the 2022 World Cup, we’re ready to get back to competitive action.

We’ve been in spectacular form so far this season, and I’m hopeful this is the year we can grab the European crown. Or at least get further than Liverpool!

Things may not all go our way however, as though our form domestically is as good as ever, Bayern and RB Leipzig are not far behind us in the Bundesliga table.

There are plenty of matches ahead of us, but let’s start with the January window…

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Eintracht Frankfurt: Season Five, Part One

Welcome back to Frankfurt! Here comes season five, and after our heartbreaking end to season four, how will the squad (and I) react?

To start today’s post I’m going to write a little bit about how I play FM, specifically focusing on how I approach squad building. This will largely feature principles I take into every save, irrespective of club or aims.

After that, we’ll be getting stuck in to the first half of season five, including the 2022 World Cup, which being held in November/December, gives the schedule a very different feel.

First up, I’ll start with some of the things I focus on in FM…

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Eintracht Frankfurt: Part Twelve

Welcome back to Frankfurt! Today we’ll tackle the second half of my fourth season at Eintracht and see if we can continue our fantastic form from Part Eleven.

This is going to be a slightly longer post than usual, so make sure you’ve got a big coffee (beer?) for this one. Today we’ll hit the January window, cover the all important results and finish with a quick review and look at how we’re getting on towards the aims of the save.

I’ve gone for a little bit of a change to the style of this post (yes, again), due to how the season ended up going, so although this probably won’t be typical of future posts, I’d certainly appreciate any feedback you may have. Find me on Slack or stick a comment on here if you like.

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It’s a Wonderkid Life

Bonus Christmas special!

Something completely different this time out, as we take a look at the wonderkids from my Frankfurt squad. We’ll look at the best young players we have, and chuck in a few gif highlights.

Next week it’ll be business as usual, as we’ll be wrapping up season four.

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Eintracht Frankfurt: Part Eleven

Welcome back to Eintracht Frankfurt! We’re three seasons in already and things are going very well. No-one’s been able to stop us domestically, but Europe is proving a harder nut to crack.

Today I’m going to tweak my standard formula a little bit. I fear the repetitive nature of our Bundesliga campaigns may make things a little dull, so we’re going to blitz through half a season here, and I’ll write a little less about results, and chuck in a bit more about some players.

I’m giving serious thoughts to how I want to chronicle the rest of this save, but for now I just want to catch up and we’ll see what comes next later on.

So we’ll have some tactics, transfers and all the usual merriment as season four gets well underway. But as ever, I’ll start us off with some club background stuff…

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