FK Mačva Šabac: 2019/20: Part Two

Welcome back to Serbia! In case I didn’t make it clear last time, the Serbian SuperLiga splits in half after 30 games, into a Championship group, and a relegation group. So, with the first part of the season in the books, we’ve got a ten point cushion to keep us out of the bottom half of the table, with nine games to play…

…so I’m pretty confident we should be looking up, not down. The top two are gone, but with the league well broken up with points gaps, we look to be in our own little group, between 3rd and 5th. That would be pretty great, however it breaks.

But before we dig into that, let’s have a little tactics talk, and first, a look at the business done during our first transfer window…

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FK Mačva Šabac: 2019/20: Part One

Welcome to Serbia! So begins another year of FM proper, and a completely new test for me, a smallish club in a lesser reputation league. It’s a bit of an unknown for me, and I’m looking forward to a different challenge.

After last week’s intro, it’s time to get stuck in, and I’ll be covering the first half of the season today, up until the winter break begins. But first up I’ll detail some of the staff changes and a few more details on our starting tactic…

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FK Mačva Šabac: Introduction

Welcome in! So, as you can see from the title, I’ve finally selected a club to start as in FM20. I’m heading to Serbia, and managing FK Mačva Šabac.

Many of the brilliant bloggers about spend a fair amount of time researching and plotting their next moves in FM, but despite being a massive micromanaging control freak type, planning saves it not something I do a lot of (see last year’s ridiculous choosing of Frankfurt, because Eintracht is Concord in German).

This year, I knew I didn’t want to start in one of the big leagues, and I still don’t want to go back to a full blown lower league save after Concord in FM18.

So, how did I end up at Mačva Šabac? Well, chatting in Slack, researching for a Serbian league seg on the One More Game Podcast and finally, incredibly scientifically, getting the FM20 beta, and choosing the team that were predicted to finish bottom of the SuperLiga…

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FM20 Beta: Under Brescia

Welcome to a standalone blog post for a single season beta save with Brescia, in Italy’s Serie A, where football is called calcio.

I won’t bore you for my reasoning behind doing a “beta save”, but I chose Brescia as they’re tipped to be heavily involved in a relegation scrap, and that’s likely to be a feature of my “proper” save too. Eyes emoji.

This won’t be an in-depth post, but I imagine it’ll work out to be roughly half how my season went, and half about a few impressions of the new game.

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The End

Welcome back to Sampdoria! So it’s been a good while. I think it’s just about time to put a neat little bow on the series, before the inevitable carnage of FM20 takes hold.

As I mentioned in my last post, continued success had reduced my desire to blog. In fact, just one season later, it even stopped me playing at all.

But reading a bunch of top blogs in the last week or so has put me back in the mood, and I’ve finally completed the season (2031/32) that had stalled for so long.

Today won’t be like my normal updates, as 1) I’ve played two full seasons since the last post, and one of them was ages ago in real time; 2) I really slacked with the screenshots; and 3) I’ll be devoting more than half of this blog entry to mentioning some of my favourite players and moments from the save as a whole…

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Sampdoria 2029/30: Part Two

Welcome back to Sampdoria! It’s been a funny season so far in Serie A, with the traditional powerhouse clubs underperforming, whilst a number of the more unfashionable clubs (ourselves included) are making a strong run for European football.

The league table at the start of January makes for bizarre reading, with the top 8 separated by just 6 points, and Juventus, Lazio and Roma all outside even that group.

It’s at this point I would usually make a self-deprecating and/or expectation lowering statement about how “this cannot possibly continue”, but history suggests it can, and we haven’t lucked into these results, on performances, we’ve deserved them.

My aim for this season is now European qualification, and the only reason I haven’t specified Champions League is because Italy’s coefficient is on the wane and coming under heavy pressure from France.

There’s a vast array of potential outcomes to this season, so let’s get to it, starting with one of my least favourite parts of modern football, the January transfer window…

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Sampdoria 2029/30: Part One

Welcome back to Sampdoria! I may have had a week off from posting an update, but I’m still going strong with my one and only save as we enter what I’m 90% sure is season 12…

We’re back in the top flight [enter trope about where this club belongs here] and are preparing to face off against the big guns. Last season we walked Serie B, and as such won’t be making sweeping changes to the playing staff.

In fitting with the Italian/home grown focus we have here, the players from last year have the chance to step up to the Serie A level, without fear of me making panicky short term changes. Will this cost us? Only one way to find out…

Today’s post will touch on some minor behind the scenes changes and outline our limited transfer business, before getting to the task at hand – seeing how our squad of Serie B champions fare in the top division…

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Sampdoria 2028/29: Season Review

Welcome back! In last week’s post, we finished the season top of the pile, and earned promotion to Serie A.

This post will include a relatively quick look back on the season, highlighting some key contributors to the cause.

After that I’ll do another look at how some of our younger players have (or haven’t) developed since I’ve been at the club, as the youth focus remains the core tenet of what I’m trying to accomplish here. As such, the youth intake will get it’s obligatory mention.

We’ll just finish today’s post with couple of thoughts on how to approach next season, with a step up in quality of opponent…

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Sampdoria 2028/29: Part Two

Welcome back to Serie B! We’ve had a great start, with only one loss in the first half of the season. We’re heavy favourites to go up now and return to Serie A where this club belongs.

Today’s post will be a rather brief one, as we conclude the season with our drive towards the promised land.

The brevity is exacerbated by a wonderfully quiet transfer window (quiet in terms of completed transfers, not in terms of how many paltry bids we had to swat aside), in which our main aim was to keep the squad together for the run-in.

With us staying true to the tactics that have brought us this far, there’s not a lot more than results to talk about today, and after a quick mention of the transfer window, we’ll start off with an exciting Coppa Italia tie in Milan against Inter…

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Sampdoria 2028/29: Part One

Welcome back to Serie B! Our form in the second half of last season was good enough to make us the second best team in the league during that period, and though we finished 8th, I’m optimistic that with an entire season, we can make a promotion run.

I wasn’t too disappointed to lose out in the play-offs last year, as it may have caused hasty decisions on players, and frankly a recruitment headache that I can well do without.

A full season in Serie B gives us a chance to develop a little more naturally, and means I can give some useful experience to our young players, without them having to deal with getting tonked by the big clubs repeatedly.

If we miss out this year though, I’ll probably have a headache of a different kind…

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