Sampdoria 2028/29: Season Review

Welcome back! In last week’s post, we finished the season top of the pile, and earned promotion to Serie A.

This post will include a relatively quick look back on the season, highlighting some key contributors to the cause.

After that I’ll do another look at how some of our younger players have (or haven’t) developed since I’ve been at the club, as the youth focus remains the core tenet of what I’m trying to accomplish here. As such, the youth intake will get it’s obligatory mention.

We’ll just finish today’s post with couple of thoughts on how to approach next season, with a step up in quality of opponent…

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Sampdoria 2028/29: Part Two

Welcome back to Serie B! We’ve had a great start, with only one loss in the first half of the season. We’re heavy favourites to go up now and return to Serie A where this club belongs.

Today’s post will be a rather brief one, as we conclude the season with our drive towards the promised land.

The brevity is exacerbated by a wonderfully quiet transfer window (quiet in terms of completed transfers, not in terms of how many paltry bids we had to swat aside), in which our main aim was to keep the squad together for the run-in.

With us staying true to the tactics that have brought us this far, there’s not a lot more than results to talk about today, and after a quick mention of the transfer window, we’ll start off with an exciting Coppa Italia tie in Milan against Inter…

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Sampdoria 2028/29: Part One

Welcome back to Serie B! Our form in the second half of last season was good enough to make us the second best team in the league during that period, and though we finished 8th, I’m optimistic that with an entire season, we can make a promotion run.

I wasn’t too disappointed to lose out in the play-offs last year, as it may have caused hasty decisions on players, and frankly a recruitment headache that I can well do without.

A full season in Serie B gives us a chance to develop a little more naturally, and means I can give some useful experience to our young players, without them having to deal with getting tonked by the big clubs repeatedly.

If we miss out this year though, I’ll probably have a headache of a different kind…

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Sampdoria 2027/28: Season Review

Welcome back! It’ll be a fairly quick post today, as I’ve not had a lot of time to play, but that gives me a chance to bust out a bit of a “season review” post.

Last time out, our decent form was enough to scrape into the Serie B promotion play-offs, although we fell at the first hurdle. It’s for the best I think, as the squad needs more love, and I’d rather do the rebuilding work without trying to play catch-up with a much higher calibre of opposition.

Today I’ll take a swift glance at how the players did last season, before spending some time on youth development and the youth intake.

And the boardroom may get a mention towards the end of the post…

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Sampdoria 2027/28: Part Two

Welcome back! I’ve managed to get plenty of game time in, and so today will run through the entire second half of the season.

We’re in 11th place, and basically just as close to the relegation zone as the top four, so really anything could happen.

We’ll start today with a look at the January transfer window, before tackling the final seventeen games of the Serie B season. There will be some tactics talk (eventually…) although probably not as much as I would’ve expected.

I’ll be delivering on my promise to show you a slew of homegrown prospects once they make their senior debuts (clickable names again), although most talk of youth development and the intake will be saved for a season review post, most likely next week.

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Sampdoria 2027/28: Part One

Welcome back! Whether through naivety or optimism, I’m choosing to see this new start at Sampdoria as the beginning of the second half of this save.

Today’s post will be an attempt to explain what I mean by that, with a focus upon my thoughts on where I want to get to on this journey, and ideas on the route to it’s end.

Oh, if you missed last week’s post and are wondering how the hell I ended up here, read this.

It almost goes without saying that my eventual aim for Sampdoria is to make them the best club in the world. But there are a lot of steps to take before that can be seriously considered, and it’s this potential longevity that has made this club so appealing to me.

I also want to do it with a different approach than the almost ruthless pragmatism I adopted at my previous jobs. For this role I’ll be working towards some of the aspects of Football Manager that I personally enjoy most, but have been guilty of ignoring a bit, in favour of chasing titles.

I’m going to have philosophies to focus on (eg. developing youth) and short term to long term goals, which hopefully, one day, will result in a similar level of success to that which I’ve accomplished at my other clubs.

As well as covering all that, I may just sneak in the first few matches at the end…

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The Death of Realism

So, I’ve been a bit busy. Nothing major, just plenty of real-life stuff preventing me from playing and/or writing. I’m not complaining, sometimes a break is good to help you review what you’re doing and perhaps my subconscious mind has helped me figure things out a bit.

Today’s post will likely be a fairly brief one, summing up the game time I have managed to get in, and looking towards what happens next.

To the title, I think since leaving Frankfurt at the end of season six I’ve been choosing new jobs based too much on “realistic” moves, and not looking for a job I can really get stuck into, in a bit more of a long-term fashion. More on that later…

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Barcelona: Shake the Foundations From the Skies

Welcome back to Barcelona! Last time out, amongst other things, we spent a truckload of cash on the squad in an effort to make it competitive. It worked, and the wins piled up.

I’ll be cramming the whole of the second half of the season into this post. It will feature a trying transfer window, a fraught February and TWO Rogers. You lucky people.

I’ll need to touch on the tactics again, before the run-in proper starts, and then I’ll finish with a season review.

So to start, some transfer news, including the impending arrival of everyone’s favourite German striker…

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Barcelona: I Had This Perfect Dream

Welcome back to Barcelona! As promised in the introduction post, I’ll be covering the first half of the season today – there’s a lot to get through…

After giving a brief report on how things stood last time out, I’ll first get stuck in to a very busy summer of transfers, followed up with a quick reminder of my first attempt at a tactical set-up.

I’m going to touch upon some training talk, with a focus on player traits, before cracking on with the season proper.

I’ll finish off with a quick mention of some goings on behind the scenes, and the imminent return of an old favourite…

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Barcelona Begins

Yes, I’ve moved clubs again.

With the combination of last season being an absolute walkover at AC Milan, and my personal Football Manager history of never managing to get the Barcelona job, when it became I available I had to apply.

And it turns out my record and interview were enough to seal the deal. Today’s post will be a quick intro on where Barcelona stand in the save, the tactics and first team that I’ve settled upon, and I’ll touch on a few aims.

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