Championship Manager 2001/02

Football Manager is great, but I haven’t got the time for it. Not to do it properly anyway.

So it’s time to reconnect with an old, less complex friend. Championship Manager 01/02, it’s also great, but a little easy. So in an attempt to up the difficulty, I’m going to try a game with a couple of self-imposed restrictions.

Firstly, I won’t allow myself to sign just anyone. Players on the transfer or loan list are fair game, but otherwise, if my scouts don’t find them, I can’t have them. So probably no Tó Madeira or Mike Duff.

Secondly, I won’t be using unrealistic tactics.

Lastly, I won’t take over a team from the start, but wait for someone to get sacked instead. And I’m thinking a lower league team, maybe in the English 3rd division. Let’s see what comes up…

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