CM0102: Plymouth Argyle: Part 1 – Gotta sack ’em all

Restrictions: Can only sign players who are transfer listed, loan listed or found by scouts.


Champ’s not quite as user friendly as Football Manager is nowadays. You can’t start unemployed, but you can start in demo mode. I miss out on a couple of jobs (eg. Scunthorpe) due to checking a day or two late and the posts being filled quickly.

But on 28th November I check, and Plymouth, placed 20th in Division 3, have sacked Paul Sturrock. So in I swoop.

I’ve sacked the assistant manager, all but one coach and the entire scouting team by the close of business on day one, and make bids for much more suitable staff.

Screenshot (3)

There’s no money for signings, so transfer listed players are irrelevant, but I can sign one more loanster, so send off a bid for Simon Colosimo (SW/D/DMRC) from Man City. He is by a distance the best outfield player available for loan.

Screenshot (6)

The squad lacks quality AND depth.

Screenshot (5)

It may be difficult to do well this season, but Exeter City only have four points (!), and only one team goes down, so there should be no fear of relegation. So it should be a rare opportunity to be a bit crap, under no pressure.

Screenshot (4)

Plymouth Pros: Good facilities and a decent sized ground. Very low risk of relegation. Only one player on more than £750 per week.

Plymouth Cons: No money (understatement, they’re in debt). Low-quality squad. No depth at DC, DMC, AMC or STC. A lot of mediocre looking youngsters. No good staff. Next to no chance of scrambling up to 7th for a play-off berth.

Should be fun.

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