CM0102: Plymouth Argyle: Part 7 – Legend alert

Restrictions: Can only sign players who are transfer listed, loan listed or found by scouts.

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6


Plymouth 4-0 Hartlepool (Proietti 2, Smyth 2)

Dag & Red 0-0 Plymouth

Plymouth 4-1 Bournemout(Evers 3, Stonebridge/Williams)

Another defensive recruit joins, Lee Woodyat (DRLC) from Chester for £35k. My defensive signings from the summer are yet to convince, and at 18 years old, Woodyatt looks promising.

Oldham 3-1 Plymouth (Tipton, Mendes 2/Stonebridge)

Plymouth 1-0 Hull (McHugh)

Lincoln 0-3 Plymouth (McGlinchey, Edwards, Forbes)

Tony Warner’s made a big difference so far. In his first seven games he’s kept four clean sheets and claimed the man of the match award thrice. Paul Smith joins the kids in the reserves.

Plymouth 3-1 Bury (Forbes 2, Stonebridge/Newby)

Scunthorp0-2 Plymouth (Smyth, Edwards)

Not a remarkable game by any means, but it’s comfortable, and after the last three performances, I finally feel like I’ve found a settled eleven. Although it’s not the team I expected after the summer signings.

Screenshot (31)

Of course, then my scouts find two players I want. Both from Sweden, firstly an Englishman, Kenny Pavey (DMR) signs for £16k. Not a position I use, but he looks easily good enough to play in central midfield or at right back.

And secondly I splash the cash on Rabi Youssef (FC) hoping he becomes a reliable scorer to partner Stonebridge. He’s half Syrian, half Swedish and signs for a whopping £180k.

Next up, the FA Cup, which we take seriously round these parts.

Screenshot (32)

Despite only drawing a Conference side, well over nine thousand fans are already feeling the magic of the FA Cup, and witness a routine win. The next round gives us Huddersfield away, and a reunion with Simon Colosimo.


Screenshot (33)

My scouts found him in the summer, but Derby refuse to sell, and he refused a loan deal. Until now. Do I play him in midfield? Or adjust the tactics to include an AMC slot…? For now, he’ll slot into midfield.

Screenshot (34)

Fear my half-Swedish forwards! And I shall fear my own defence…

Screenshot (35)

This is a questionable decision. He’s been pretty good, but his contract expires at the end of the season, and I don’t want to re-sign him for £2k a week. So I take Rushden’s cash, with the obligatory 25% sell on clause attached.

Plymouth 5-1 Swansea (Thomson, Moukoko 2, Stonebridge, McGlinchey/Sidibe)

Manager of the Month is mine, and Adrian Forbes picks up Player of the Month.

Huddersfield have just appointed Steve McMahon as their new manager, and now we face them in the cup.

Screenshot (38)

And that boys and girls, is what you get for leaving Simon Colosimo on the bench. Also, we were great!

[Vans Trophy] Colchester 2-1 Plymouth (Green, Bailie/Smyth)

Once again, my reserve XI can’t get it done in the Vans Trophy.

Plymouth 3-1 Shrewsbury (Thomson, Moukoko 2/Claridge)

Cashy Money:

Screenshot (39)

The shored-up defence, and the new influx of partial Swedes, has led us to the summit:

Screenshot (40)

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