CM0102: Plymouth Argyle: Part 8 – On the march

Restrictions: Can only sign players who are transfer listed, loan listed or found by scouts.

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7


Plymouth 4-1 Torquay (Proietti, Stonebridge, Smyth 2/Law)

Rochdale 1-2 Plymouth (McLaughlin/Smyth, Barrett)

My attempts at squad rotation almost cost us. A late comeback is not entirely deserved…

Carlisle 1-4 Plymouth (Corbett/Thomson 3, Youssef)

We complete a clean sweep of the monthly awards, with Thomson and Youssef picking up the playing prizes.

Screenshot (41)

Yor1-2 Plymouth (Banger/Barrett, Smyth)

Michael Jackson has earned a place on the transfer list. Four of his last six games have ended with a 5 rating, and allowing our former player Nicky Banger to score is the last straw.

[FA Cup] Plymouth 1-1 Crystal Palac(Stonebridge/Freedman)

Screenshot (42)

With his contract expiring in the summer, Tonton’s free to talk, and he agrees terms with us. Compensation is set at £210k. A bargain!

Plymouth 2-0 Mansfield (Youssef, Barrett)

Plymouth 2-1 Rushden (Martin, McHugh/Darby)

We really don’t deserve that last win. But with other results continuing to go our way, we’re 12 points clear at the top.

Screenshot (43)

That’s a hard result to take. We’re out of the Cup, 3-0 to a Division One side we were better than twice.

And then f***ing Kidderminster do it to us. Again!

Plymouth 0-2 Kidderminster (Irvine 2)

The extra £100k from David Friio’s transfer finally arrives in the post.

Halifax 1-1 Plymouth (Kerrigan/Youssef)

We killed them. I don’t know why we’re suddenly not able to convert, but it’s hacking me right off. Efe Sodje signs on loan to sort out our 2nd DC spot, and I sign another Swedish forward: Arash Talebinejad (STC) on a free after his contract at Vasta Frolunda expired.

Darlington 0-5 Plymouth (Proietti, Stonebridge 2, Moukoko, Youssef)

No one will pay for Michael Jackson. Even a negotiated bid that just has a 25% sell-on clause and nothing else, gets laughed out of the room. So he goes, completely free to Rochdale. A huge disappointment. Twelve games, average rating 6.42.

Plymouth 2-0 Southend (Stonebridge, Sodje)

Screenshot (46)

Oh piss off.

Screenshot (47)

Despite the last few weeks containing more dodgy results than a Champ-addicted teenager’s GCSE results, we remain top with fourteen games to go.



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