CM0102: Plymouth Argyle: Part 9 – Goals, goals, goals

Restrictions: Can only sign players who are transfer listed, loan listed or found by scouts.

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8


Plymouth 4-3 Cheltenham (Talebinejad 2, Youssef, Stonebridge/McGowan, Mainwaring 2)

Tony Warner’s 4 rating is deserved. Every shot they have hits the back of the net.

Bournemout1-2 Plymouth (Feeney/Proietti, Forbes)

My Manager of the Month award is joined by a debut Young Player of the Month award for Rabi Youssef.

Screenshot (48)

Plymouth 2-2 Dag & Red (Stonebridge, Walker/Hunter, Heath)

With McGlinchey out injured for three weeks, Dominic Ludden gets his first start for a while, and does OK, until getting injured himself on 77 minutes as we’re 2-0 up. Dennis Melander comes on in his place and eight minutes later gets booked, kicks the ball away, gets booked again, and thus sent off. The Daggers score two, and I’m simply delighted.

Paul Smith is shipped off to Blyth Spartans, for 25% of any future fee.

Screenshot (50)

Plymouth 2-1 Oldham (Youssef, Talebinejad/Hardy)

Screenshot (51)

Bury 2-5 Plymouth (Bhutia, Walsh/Stonebridge 2, Youssef, Talabinejad, Thomson)

2-0 down after 60 minutes, I chuck on Stonebridge and go 4-3-3, attacking and direct. It works an absolute treat. We’ve secured a play-off berth, although with an eleven point lead at the top and with eight games to go, anything other than the title would be a massive disappointment.

Plymouth 2-4 Lincoln (Proietti (pen), Forbes/Gain, Thorpe 2, Smith)

This goal-valanche is getting a bit preposterous. Another dodgy performance from Warner.

Mansfield 3-3 Plymouth (Lawrence 2, Knowles/Stonebridge, Walker, Forbes)

Goals, goals, goals… Tonton grabs the Young Player of the Month award for March.

Plymouth 2-0 Scunthorpe (Proietti, Stonebridge)

And finally, after we manage to stem the absurd tide of goals for at least 90 minutes…

Screenshot (53)

Hul2-2 Plymouth (Collins (pen), Alexander/Walker, Youssef)

Plymouth 3-1 Halifax (Smyth, Martin, Barrett/Clarke)

Screenshot (55)

Screenshot (56)

I should bally well hope so too.

Swansea 2-2 Plymouth (Roberts, Todd/Proietti (pen), Moukoko)

Plymouth 3-2 Leyton Orient (McHugh, Edwards, Youssef/Arkle, Christie)

Plenty of rested players for this one, but still more goals, and more surprisingly, a win.

Shrewsbury 1-3 Plymouth (Sarr/Moukoko 2, Forbes)

That’s the season in the books, and promotion is ours. We’ve been excellent going forward, and though the defence has made some improvements from last season, I suspect reinforcements are required.

There are fourteen matches in this part, and I’ve only seen two “nils”. Ridiculous.

Screenshot (57)

117 goals, 100 points. I’ve got some sympathy for Carlisle. Second going into the last game, they drew and got knocked out of the automatic promotion places on goal difference. Ouch.

I’ve never seen a surprising team win the Champions League so early before, and they’ve done it spending almost nothing, just rolling with their talented youngsters:

Screenshot (60)

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