Future Plans

Though I’m really enjoying my Plymouth save on Championship Manager, the lack of depth is beginning to bother me. Which is the opposite problem that I have previously had with Football Manager, which is such a huge time sink in it’s most modern iterations.

Having said that, reading some of the great Football Manager 18 blogs that are around has re-piqued my interest in the series. I’m especially interested in taking over a club in the lower reaches of the league pyramid and trying to lead them to the Premier League.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a successful long term save like that. One of my most memorable games was taking over Tiverton Town, newly promoted to the National League South. Although that game ultimately culminated with Tiverton well and truly stagnated in League One, mid-table mediocrity, being held back by a stupid board that wouldn’t invest a nickel (still bitter), the journey was a lot of fun.

So I’m going to attempt another game like that in Football Manager 18. I haven’t played FM18 yet, so this could go disastrously wrong…

I also think it’s about time I loaded up FM17 and provided closure to my abandoned Arsenal game. I did finish the season at the time, but stopped writing it up for the most ridiculous reason.

I intend on keeping the Plymouth save going as well. My initial plan is to post on each save at least once a week, and perhaps more if I’ve got the time! Now who should I manage…?

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