CM0102: Plymouth Argyle: Part 12 – Insanity

Restrictions: Can only sign players who are transfer listed, loan listed or found by scouts.

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9Part 10Part 11


Carlisle 2-2 Plymouth (Foran, Halliday/Karlsen, Forbes)

Koch keeps his place in goal, and is excellent. We really should have lost this one. Forbes strikes with two minutes to go to prolong our run.

Bradford are interested in Ian Stonebridge, and he’s had his head turned. “Wants to move to a bigger club” is always irritating. But I’d sell him for the right price.

Plymouth 4-1 Tranmere (Convery, Forbes, Proietti 2 (1 pen)/Renner)

18 year old French goalkeeper, Vincent Serafin joins on a free after being spotted by my scouts. He looks like he has potential, although my coaching could take care of that…

Screenshot (79)

I put Warner back in for this one. After 31 minutes, I took him off with his stinking 4 rating. That was enough to prompt a comeback. The introduction of Forbes and Youssef on 73 minutes yielded nothing.

Screenshot (80)

Koch joins the second XI in this one, with the League Cup tie away to Sheffield Wednesday on, appropriately enough, Wednesday. Another tight game that we steal at the death. We have had a lot of luck so far this season…

Tangent! Lee Dixon has been manager of Halifax for 18 months. They are currently 22nd in Division 3. He has just got the West Brom job in Division 1. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any particular desire to leave, but it’d be nice to be asked.

Screenshot (82)

8 shots each, only incompetent goalkeeping allowed such a score. This time it’s Koch with a 4 rating. We may have a problem here. Especially as he twice demands a move after I warn him for poor performance. No son, calm yourself.

Derby make a derisory bid of £160k for Steve Thomson. No guys. Just no.

Three Manager of the Month awards in a row. Nothing for Youssef though, as his form has dropped a lot since being linked with clubs mightier than mine.

CrystaPalac3-2 Plymouth (Freedman 3/Thomson, Stonebridge)

We completely out-played them. But a change of fortune was very much due.

It seems like that weird goal-valanche has returned:

Screenshot (83)

They made a double change reminiscent of our own desperate attempts in the past, and we were lucky to survive in the end, despite being very comfortable for 75 minutes. Unfortunately, Stephen McManus has torn his groin muscle, and is out for three months.

Can’t believe I missed his appointment:

Screenshot (84)

I won’t make a ham-fisted attempt at a pun.

Screenshot (85)

Bloody hell. That was the tensest match yet. 4-2 down with less than 25 minutes to go, we threw everyone forward and salvaged a replay. I have to take the blame. I took Kingstonian a bit for granted, and whilst the team I put out wasn’t a weak one, the decision to play Serafin in goal after our recent woes, was a disaster. He got a 4, but I won’t warn him. I should warn myself.

That’s an incredible 35 goals in the last 5 games. I’ve run out of synonyms for ridiculous. Is there any chance of a boring game at some point?!

Plymouth 0-0 Swindon

Yes! I genuinely write this as I play. Though after such a coincidence, I understand if you don’t believe me. Tony Warner accompanied the second XI, as we save our first team for the slightly embarrassing FA Cup replay at Kingstonian.

[FA Cup] Kingstonian 0-1 Plymouth (Proietti (pen))

Yikes, that was ugly.

Gillingham 1-3 Plymouth (Nosworthy/Karlsen, Barrett, Smyth)

Screenshot (86)

Ten points clear at the top and still in the FA Cup (just). It’s been a hell of a month.

I’ve thought of another word for all those goals: insanity. That was a mad, mad session. I need beer.

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