Flight Of The Concords: Part 2

I don’t have a set goal for this save yet. Seeing as it’s my first proper game of FM18, I’m going to let the game develop on it’s own, whether it be taking Concord Rangers up the leagues, taking myself to bigger jobs, or moving from basement club to basement club, following a string of embarrassing sackings. Let’s hope it’s not option 3…

In terms of results, the season has started off much better than I had hoped. Although there are only a couple of memorably good performances among the first ten games, there are similarly only a few bad performances.

Screenshot (128)

The two losses, particularly the Bath game, were poor efforts on our part, as was the draw against Truro. We stunk the place up in that one. But we performed impressively against Whitehawk, a more just scoreline would’ve been 4-1 in that game, and we absolutely hammered Hungerford 1-0.

The squad is finally getting to grips with my very basic 4-4-2, and hopefully that will yield improvements. Perhaps more importantly, after using the first ten games to test out different players, I feel like I’ve got a better idea of the players that deserve first team football.

Screenshot (126)

Our cup run didn’t last all that long

We were fortunate to get home draws against lower league sides in the 2nd and 3rd qualifying rounds, and dispatched them relatively easily. The first half an hour away at Vanarama National Aldershot was competitive, but once Harry Lee got his second booking after 37 minutes, we couldn’t match them.

This is the tactic, and the first team line-up that I’ve eventually settled on. We also have two other tactics; one for shutting up shop or facing superior sides, and another for attacking inferior sides, or for when we need to go for it.

Screenshot (128)

I don’t know how much of an impact the “partnerships” have on performance as they are a relatively recent development for my team in this game, but I’ll keep an eye out.

Having a more settled side has definitely had a positive impact on performances, and the results we’ve gained have been excellent. The 3-0 win over Wealdstone in our last game was flat out impressive. We dominated from start to finish, and our opponents didn’t have a single shot.

Screenshot (125)

Following the run of 1-0 wins in October, I nabbed the first (hopefully not last!) award of my fledgling career:

Screenshot (121)

I’ve also secured the next level of coaching badge, though that’s it for a while, as the club’s financial status isn’t good enough to spend any more cash on such things.

Screenshot (120)

We are steadily losing money, not a huge amount, but just enough to make me worry. Our attendances continue to be poor, we haven’t managed to get 500 to congregate for a league game yet, so unless someone comes in for one of my players, I’m stumped on the money front.

The key players for us thus far:

Screenshot (129)

If I had to pick out individuals, I’d choose Ben Greenhalgh and Kyron Farrell, who have been the main creators in midfield and also chipped in with five goals apiece. They are the only players who have been granted extended contracts so far.

It seems we’re in the midst of a promotion battle:

Screenshot (124)

It really has started a lot better than I thought it would.

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