Flight Of The Concords: Part 5

For a round up of Season 1: Flight Of The Concords: Part 4

Despite winning the league last season, the summer has been a bit of a downer. And it starts with bad news disguised as good:

Screenshot (156).png

Firstly, £702k for an increase in capacity of 1’250!?

Although we get a £350k grant, we also take out a £350k loan, which paying back costs us £3k a month. That’s quite a bit, especially when you consider this:

Screenshot (158)

Thanks guys, that’ll make all the difference. And a stadium expansion ain’t much use when you got no fans!

Screenshot (166)

We’re in trouble here. I’m well under my wage budget, but we’re hemorrhaging cash. I’m crossing my fingers that the prospect of Vanarama National football will bring out the good people of Canvey. Otherwise, bar an unlikely cup run, we’re shafted.

On the transfer front, the summer has proven to be equally dispiriting. Kristian Green (DRC) is a good signing, he looks like a decent right back. But on my list of priorities, well, right back wasn’t on it at all.

The only other permanent signing is Louis John (DC) who is, and I’m mustering up all of my enthusiasm here, merely alright.

Screenshot (165)

We have more luck than last year with loan signings, although none of them are noticeable upgrades on what we already have. With our signings added to our current squad the media predict we’ll finish dead last, and the bookies don’t fancy us either. We’re 1000-1 to win the league!

Results wise, pre-season was a success, although I realise too late that it would’ve been wiser to arrange some higher profile matches and get bums on seats for the income.

Screenshot (168).png

That’s an error on my part, and I hope it doesn’t cost us. Still, on the plus side, we’ve had more interest in season tickets than last year:

Screenshot (169)

As we’ve had minimal transfer changes, and a recent promotion campaign, the squad are still in high spirits, tactical awareness and match cohesion are high and their support of my leadership is excellent. So that’s a start.

Eight games into the season, we finally secure a senior affiliate in Fleetwood Town of The Championship, which provides us with £13.8k a year, and two players on loan; Gerard Garner (STC) and Alex Dodd (DM,M/AMC). Garner, on paper at least, becomes our number one striker.

So, how are we getting on?

Screenshot (174)

Far better than I had feared, and about as well as I had dared hope. In the three losses, we were thoroughly outclassed, but for the other fixtures, we’ve put up a good fight. Only in our tenth game did we put together a genuinely good performance, trouncing Dover 5-1 away, with Garner banging in four goals, three of which were superb finishes.

We’ve not settled on one tactic, as we’re adapting dependent on the strength of our opponents. Our 442 counter from last season has been joined by a 4141 in an effort to provide more solidity. Despite only keeping a solitary clean sheet, I think it’s largely worked, as we’re not getting routinely tonked…

Screenshot (173)

11th! I’m very happy with that. Having seen the strength of many of the teams in this division, I’ll be satisfied to just stay in it. If we can maintain this mid-table position, I’ll be very happy indeed.

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