Flight Of The Concords: Part 13

I have made plans to adapt and grow this season (not just giving the blog a new title…). You can read about them here: Flight Of The Concords: Part 12

We’ve had one more addition early doors, with Chris Smith (DC/DM) joining on a free to bolster the defensive ranks. He’s good, but I also signed him because he has 16 determination and is considered “Resolute”, so once he gets old enough (currently 22), he’ll be a decent tutor.

Carabao Cup:

It sure would’ve been nice to get a more favourable cup draw this season:

Screenshot (21).png

But no, Southend away again! Three times in three years? Away from home every time?

Screenshot (41)

Don’t let the penalties fool you, they were much better than us, but it don’t mean this result doesn’t sting.

Another bad draw for us, and another chance at prize money gone.

But, optimistically, our games against Southend are getting a goal closer each time. Replay next season?

I’ll cover the Checkatrade Trophy once the group stage is complete…

Sky Bet League Two:

Early on, our league form resembled last season with draws o’plenty:

Screenshot (42).png

But we were playing well, and getting into our stride:

Screenshot (43).png

Eleven unbeaten, six wins in a row and five clean sheets in a row, which is particularly great to see. Sure Coventry beat us, and they deserved to, but we ran ’em close.

September was superb, and I’ve snagged my first award in League Two:

Screenshot (39).png

As well as my prize, John English came 2nd in both Player and Young Player of the Month awards. He has been fantastic so far, scoring eight and assisting six in just twelve starts! He’s been so good I’ve given him a pay rise in order to negotiate his minimum fee release clause up, from £160k to £400k. My coaches reckon he’ll develop into a Championship level performer. That’d be great.

October didn’t turn out too bad either:

Screenshot (48).png

Some of our attacking play has been delightful. We do have a slightly irritating tendency to concede within the first five minutes of games, but we’ve also got a wonderful tendency to fight back strongly.

The Cheltenham and Scunthorpe games were carnivals of attacking football. I hope that if we continue to be an entertaining side to watch, it might have a positive impact on our attendances, although so far they’re about the same as last year.

Ryan Longman has continued with his goalscoring exploits, scoring fourteen goals so far, in an excellent display of poaching.

I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I don’t totally understand why he’s doing so well. He’s definitely outperforming his attributes:

Screenshot (51).png

John English hasn’t been as prolific of late, but is up to twelve assists (mostly for Longman), and the partnership between the two of them is really starting to look promising. I wonder if I’ve stumbled onto something playing with an advanced forward and a poacher together?

They’ve been so good it’s almost forced me into playing my standard 442 over the counter 4141, and so far it’s working very well.

On the wings, Ben Greenhalgh has been superb, scoring six, assisting four and averaging 7.39 (and finally scoring from a direct free kick!), whilst Max Broughton is really improving on the right, creating plenty (five assists) and routinely beating his man. If the pass/cross before an assist were a stat, he’d have tons.

The other noteworthy performer is Joseph Holland, averaging 7.20 whilst running the show in central midfield.

Screenshot (49).png

Holy hell. I think we’re good!


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