Barcelona: Shake the Foundations From the Skies

Welcome back to Barcelona! Last time out, amongst other things, we spent a truckload of cash on the squad in an effort to make it competitive. It worked, and the wins piled up.

I’ll be cramming the whole of the second half of the season into this post. It will feature a trying transfer window, a fraught February and TWO Rogers. You lucky people.

I’ll need to touch on the tactics again, before the run-in proper starts, and then I’ll finish with a season review.

So to start, some transfer news, including the impending arrival of everyone’s favourite German striker…

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Barcelona: I Had This Perfect Dream

Welcome back to Barcelona! As promised in the introduction post, I’ll be covering the first half of the season today – there’s a lot to get through…

After giving a brief report on how things stood last time out, I’ll first get stuck in to a very busy summer of transfers, followed up with a quick reminder of my first attempt at a tactical set-up.

I’m going to touch upon some training talk, with a focus on player traits, before cracking on with the season proper.

I’ll finish off with a quick mention of some goings on behind the scenes, and the imminent return of an old favourite…

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Barcelona Begins

Yes, I’ve moved clubs again.

With the combination of last season being an absolute walkover at AC Milan, and my personal Football Manager history of never managing to get the Barcelona job, when it became I available I had to apply.

And it turns out my record and interview were enough to seal the deal. Today’s post will be a quick intro on where Barcelona stand in the save, the tactics and first team that I’ve settled upon, and I’ll touch on a few aims.

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Red and Black: A Jubilant Shout

Welcome back to Milan! We’re having one hell of a season. I haven’t seen a red circle in ages.

Our defensive strength has been joined by an impressively lethal attack, and we have a chance to achieve a special season here.

We remain in all three competitions, and the Serie A title is essentially sealed.

The vast majority of this post will focus on the remaining football and the season review. But first, just a little behind the scenes action…

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Red and Black: Better Than an Opera!

Welcome back to AC Milan! The season has begun brilliantly, with our new signings settling in quickly, and we haven’t so much as drawn a game so far!

We have very few of our previous concerns remaining. Our finances are on the up now that we’ve got Champions League football, our team is performing very well, and we’ve made some progress towards securing the futures of our best players for the long term.

The majority of today’s post will be geared towards the middle four months of the season, so plenty of football, some January transfer work and we’ll conclude with some behind the scenes talk. But first, I’ll just touch on the tactics…

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Red and Black: Strive Towards a Larger Goal

Welcome back to Milan! Despite a couple of disappointing games to end last season, my first year in the hot seat at the San Siro was a resounding success.

The side is arguably in it’s prime years right now, and I’ll talk a little about this as I analyse the squad later. With the incredible defensive unit we’ve got at our disposal, we should be able to comfortably compete for the Serie A title again, and hopefully make a decent run into the Champions League.

So today, I’ll do a bit of behind the scenes work, some squad analysis and the resulting transfers, before moving on to the first couple of months of the season. But first, a little bit of housekeeping…

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Red and Black: And Yet Beware

Welcome back to Milan! There’s no doubt about it, we’re in a title race. Our impressive defensive form has been the foundation of our success so far, but Juventus and Napoli are still breathing down our necks in Serie A…

Today will mostly focus on the last few months of the season, as we see if we can convert our promising season into some silverware during the home stretch.

I’ll conclude as usual with a brief season summary, but first, a little glance at a couple of players from our youth intake…

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Red and Black: Changing Day By Day

Welcome back to Milan! We’ve gotten off to a great start in our first season in Italy, and somehow, so far we’re unbeaten and potentially in a title fight.

Today, we’ll get through the middle four months of the season, including a quick look at finances, their effect on our January transfer window and some brief (as usual) tactics talk. I’ll also highlight the player who occupies one of my favourite squad roles…

But the main focus of today’s quick post is rolling through a decent portion of this season, as I’ve played through fast and don’t want to leave the blog miles behind!

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Red and Black: A World About to Dawn

Welcome to Milan! After a state of play post last time out, today’s post will largely be about the pre-season changes I’ve made, although I will sneak in a bit of football towards the end, as our Serie A and Europa League campaigns in 2024/25 get underway.

A quick thank you to FM Grasshopper and FM Samo for their help with suggestions over on FM Slack for ideas on naming the series, and congratulations to Samo, as “Red and Black” was his idea.

I’ve decided against doing a summing up post on my time in Frankfurt, but if anybody wants a stat or two, hit me up on Twitter (@fromelevenone) or my Slack channel (#from_eleven_one) and I’ll sort you out. Not you though Dan.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the season ahead, I’ll share some of my thoughts on the squad, including a rundown of our first foray into the transfer market. I’ll touch on tactics and outline a few aims for the season ahead. But first, a little bit on changing clubs…

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Red and Black: The Time is Near

Yes, I’ve found a new job. I’ve moved to Italy to become the new manager of AC Milan!

I was after a rebuilding job at a big club, preferably outside of Germany and England, and Milan fit the bill fairly well.

I did hamstring myself a little bit, wanting to move in the summer and not resign from Frankfurt. I like the option of taking my loyal staff with me! As a result, there weren’t all that many jobs available (until after I moved #managerialmerrygoround).

Today is a bit of a bonus post, so will be a quick(ish) look at how Milan have done so far, and more importantly, how things look there here now…

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